TYPO3 force download with fluid template typolink

"<f:link.typolink>" tag will not directly allow you to add jumpurl parameter. To achieve this we need the help of  typoscriptObject.
Below is an example how you can do it.

<f:link.typolink class="link" parameter="{f:cObject(typoscriptObjectPath: 'lib.files', data: '{}')}" >Force Download</f:link.typolink>


"" is the link field where you add the file link. The typoscript object "lib.files" can be defined like below.

lib.files = TEXT

lib.files {

stdWrap.typolink.parameter.current = 1

stdWrap.typolink.jumpurl = 1 = 1 = pdf=application/pdf, doc=application/msword, png=image/png, gif=image/gif, jpg=image/jpg

stdWrap.typolink.returnLast = url



Now you should be able to add the jumpurl and your files should be downloaded.